Nu3fy” a play on the word “nutrify” means to nourish. It is an online platform initiated by Escendancy to provide products and services that aim to facilitate the empowerment of our clients in defining their own genetic expression through Epigenetics.

Escendancy subscribes to the study of Epigenetics, which means over genetics. The study expounds that an individual can influence their genetic expression through external factors, such as, their environment, lifestyle, diet, and health and fitness regime. Therefore, we can determine the outcome of our genetic predisposition through active intervention and control of our health and life journey – we call this the “Escendancy Journey“.

The “Escendancy Journey” adopts a 3-step approach:

Step 1 – Diagnose

To actively intervene in how our genetic predisposition manifest itself, we need to know “what we’re born with and where we’re at” in relation to our genetic composition and lifestyle. [Nu3tech]

Step 2 – Customize

We work on the premise that “every individual is unique, and so are their needs”. Therefore, it is our objective to cater to the individual according to their unique requirements and goals. [Nu3fit/NextVits, Nu3pure, Nu3care, Nu3skin]

Step 3 – Deliver

It is our mission to deliver only “what you need, when you need it”.   This is to ensure that we provide the most cost effective and efficient solution to you to achieve your desired goals. [Nu3tech, Nu3fit/NextVits, Nu3pure, Nu3care, Nu3skin]

Supplements available through Nu3fy adhere to our vision of providing only premium ingredients either singly or in formulations with high bioavailability or efficacy. Where possible we provide solutions for Design-For-Me or Build-My-Own to offer better cost savings and convenience for your supplementary needs.