Nu3fy’s Design For Me platform allows you to get a fully customized 90-day formulation of Professional Preferred Ingredients based on your unique nutritional needs. Taking into account key parameters of lifestyle, health history, and dietary habits, we will formulate a supplement formula designed specifically to help you on your journey to reaching your desired health and fitness goals. We use cutting-edge, patent pending software algorithms that also help prevent negative medication/supplement interactions from occurring – In short, your health always comes first with Nu3 Supplements.

The Design For Me system embodies our philosophy that no one should have to get their supplementation needs from numerous single-condition formulations or worse yet, single ingredient bottles. Gone the worries of overdosing on overlapping ingredients, wrong dosages and different expiry dates. Instead you have the convenience of all your supplementation needs found in a single dose from one bottle. Getting Fit From Within to achieve a fitter, healthier new you has never been easier!

Simply click on ‘Start Design For Me’ to complete your health and fitness profile and our certified nutritionist will design a formulation just for you.

Your freshly made supplements will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

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