Nu3fit is our line of fitness products and includes the customizable NextVits fitness formulations that one can combine into single formulations in one bottle for exercise and fitness needs.

It also includes PlantFusion’s plant protein supplementation with organic ingredients for those looking to avoid traditional casein or whey-based protein that “can cause an excessive inflammatory immune response”.

NextVits is a line of custom supplementation developed with Fitness First, which aims to help people who have decided to take charge of their fitness, shape, and wellness. We provide comprehensive and customized formulas tailored to your fitness and health goals.*

Our products are designed to help you to achieve fitness from within.*

NextVits’s supplements support your nutrient and electrolyte replenishment after exercise, support post-training recovery, and provide nutrients to support healthy aging, skin and shape.*

We make this simple and convenient by providing customized supplements in one formula, bottle, and serving.

Here are the top three reasons why customers love NextVits:

  • We provide formula-based supplements using branded ingredients.
  • We provide customized supplements to address your individual fitness, wellness and lifestyle needs.*
  • We provide you with a convenient solution using one formula, one bottle, and one serving.

Fitness First Member Exclusive – NextVits Formulations have been formulated and priced specially for you!


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