How to Achieve Optimum Fitness

All of us are unique individuals born with genetic predispositions.  This is probably why some people are more prone to muscle tears while others may have a lower level of endurance when playing a sport or during intense exercise.  

However all is not lost.  

The science of epigenetics proves that our lifestyle, including the way we exercise and what we eat, changes the way our genes express themselves; meaning your genes get turned on and off and are expressed to greater or lesser degrees depending on your lifestyle choices.

Take for example,

Sam and Rob, of similar build, frequently head to the gym together and take on the same high resisitance workout each time. After a month of exercising together, Rob has significantly increased in muscle mass. However, Sam’s remains the same, accompanied by multiple strains and injuries. Why does this happen even though the two individuals followed the same workout routine? This is likely due to differences in their genetic makeup; Rob’s responding well to the exercise regime and the routine not being suitable for Sam’s .

Sam decided to sign up for the Fitness DNA test to receive a better understanding on why his body responded to the  training differently from Rob and which exercise routine was better suited for him. Additionally, Sam received  nutrition counselling by a sports nutritionist both based on his unique DNA make-up and current health issues and lifestyle choices.

After Sam started making necessary changes to his diet, lifestyle and exercise routines, he saw a steady improvement in his body he had been looking for.


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