Muscle Up and Age Gracefully!

Recent news highlighted interesting facts about muscle loss related to age.

Did you know:

  • By age 40, we start to lose 7 to 8% muscle mass per decade
  • By age 70, the total muscle mass lost reaches 25%

Exercise & Proteins to Prevent Muscle Loss

Maintaining a healthy diet of proteins and exercise is essential! Physical activity and adequate protein in one’s diet can delay or reverse frailty, according to Associate Professor Reshma A. Merchant, head of the National University Hospital. For adults the guideline is to do a total of 150 minutes of physical activity three times a week.

A simple beginners’ total body workout include 15 repetitions of exercises found in the Table 1 below.  There should be a one-minute rest in-between exercises and to complete the whole workout, repeat the circuit three times.

Table 1 – 15 Repetitions each for a total body workout for beginners
– Incline dumbell press
– Seated shoulder press
– Side lateral raises
– Incline dumbell rows
– Incline dumbell curls
– Flat bench dumbell Tricep extension
– Dumbell squats
– Dumbell deadlift

According to the Health Promotion Board, men should take 68g of protein and women 58g a day. However, an individual’s requirements may vary depending on their lifestyle. For a breakdown of the recommended dosage to suit one’s needs, check out the Protein Calculator!

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