Protein Deficiency and How It Impacts You

Many of us may not be aware but certain proteins play a critical role in our ageing process.

Mayo clinic researcher Jan van Deursen, Ph.D and his team created genetically modified mice that had a protein deficiency in one specific type of protein, BubR1 and they discovered these mice deficient in this vital protein actually aged four to five times faster than the control group of normal mice.

This study’s theory holds true too for the human body i.e. that a protein deficiency can lead to many issues – cataract, heart problems, muscle mass loss, kyphosis – common ailments in the elderly.

Consuming too little protein can also cause:

• A slow down of metabolism
• Blood sugar changes leading to diabetes
• Fatigue
• Low immunity
• Mood swings
• Muscle, bone and joint pain
• Poor concentration and trouble learning
• Slow wound healing
• Trouble losing weight
• Trouble building muscle mass

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