“At the heart and soul of Escendancy Pte Ltd’s core values is its Escendancy Journey. Driven by the premise of belief centering around the applied study of Epigenetics and Nutrigonomics, the company strives to empower individuals with wellness solutions to unlock their genetic dispositions and achieve their desired health and lifestyle goals through the use of customised premium 100% natural and organic nutritional supplementation.

nu3tech.com is the first in Asia innovative online platform by Escendancy Pte Ltd with wellness online solutions to help their customers diagnose their unique genetic codes through personalised pre-emptive DNA Skin, Nutrition and Fitness tests and recommend tailor-made health, lifestyle and nutrition supplementations to help them live their best.

Utilising the latest in genetic diagnostics, a US Patent Pending technology within a production facility in California, USA, Escendancy guarantees strict privacy guidelines and care in the handling of its customers’ data and information.”